Charlotte Dujardin & Valegro

So, hypothetically speaking… while I am a diehard Thoroughbred person, if one of Mia’s siblings were for sale when I finish grad school and am in the position to get another horse, I wouldn’t be mad about it if I ended up with one. 

Diani Lee Cheng, Putri Alia Soraya, Qabil Mahamad Fathil and Mahamad Quzandria of Malaysia win the bronze medals in the Equestrain Dressage Team at the Guangzhou Equestrian Stadium during day two of the 16th Asian Games Guangzhou 2010 on November 14, 2010 in Guangzhou, China.

He loves modeling.
I like that.
haha oh Shock

Is it just me or does his facial marking look like someone giving a middle finger..?


You can’t spell equestrian without quest. Hold on for the ride and fight through the ups and downs. You’re gonna be just fine.

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The new horse checking out Cooper for the first time

… Romeo?
I could have sworn you were taller